It always happens that even if we clean our kitchen before and after use has a bad odor, it is because the smell of garlic and onions always permeates not only in our hands but in the atmosphere of it. Besides being unpleasant they are somewhat uncomfortable for all who pass near where the smell is.

Many times these odors are usually very strong, other times and mostly are a bit simple but somewhat annoying. And as we know nobody likes them in their spaces. It is thus that today we are going to show this fascinating trick home to create your own set and delete those bad odors in your home, office and any enclosed space of your choice.

A kitchen with a pleasant smell as finished cleaning all the time gives us joy, peace, serenity and the best part is that this can get with this simple homemade trick.


  • An empty spray bottle
  • Three tablespoons of fabric softener (Downy example)
  • Three cups hot water
  • One tablespoon of baking soda


  1. First, add 3 tablespoons of fabric softener (Downy preferred or other odor) to a empty spray bottle.
  2. Then fill the spray bottle with 3 cups of hot water.
  3. Now add the tablespoon of baking soda.
  4. Finally vigorously shake the bottle and spray a test area to make sure no spot a particular area.
 And ready, that’s all. Use it in a high place for ventilation and to flavor all your kitchen, but you can also use it in other rooms of your home, your visitors will be comfortable with this fragrance gardens.