Have you ever wonder why some eggs have white ѕslobbery lump when we crack them?

No matter how many times you have cracked eggs, you always try to remove the white part that looks like lump because you thought it looks awful.

Why Some Eggs Have White Lump When We Crack Them

But, fortunately, it is not about any of the most awful thing that you can imagine.

This part of the egg is called halaza or ear cord. Their purpose is to keep the yolk in the center of the egg shell; in fact it serves as a small “anchor”.

It can usually be noticed only when we separate the white and yolk and it is not necessary to get rid of it, basically it’s loaded with proteins.

The halazas usually disappear when the eggs are not fresh. As the egg gets old the halaza is disappearing. So this is a good sign that you eat fresh egg.