Eggs are one of the healthiest foods, being packed with proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals. Due to their rich content, they are recommended even by doctors as part of a healthy regimen.


We present you an egg diet that will help you lose up to 12 pounds in 1 week. Make sure you stick to the diet and you will notice incredible results. Stick to this 7 day menu of the egg diet.


  • Eat two boiled eggs and two oranges, and drink a cup of low-fat sour milk
  • Eat 200 grams of boiled skinless chicken and drink a cup of yogurt
  • Eat 150 g of boiled skinless chicken, one boiled egg, and an orange


  • Eat two boiled eggs and drink the squeezed juice of one lemon
  • Eat 150 grams of roasted fish and a grapefruit
  • Eat three hard-boiled eggs


  • Eat two hard-boiled eggs and drink a cup of fresh lemon juice and a cup of warm water
  • Eat 200 grams of boiled beef and one grapefruit
  • Eat three hard-boiled eggs


  • Eat three scrambled eggs with parsley, onion, and dill
  • Eat 150 grams of cooked chicken with a seasonal salad
  • Eat two oranges and one hard-boiled egg


  • Eat one tablespoon of sour cream, two hard-boiled eggs, and two carrots
  • Eat two carrots and drink a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Eat one boiled egg and 100 grams of boiled fish


  • Drink one cup of freshly squeezed citrus juice and 150 grams of low-fat yogurt
  • Eat two boiled eggs and two grapefruits
  • Drink only water


  • Eat two boiled eggs and half a grapefruit
  • Eat 200 grams of beef and one orange
  • Drink only water

If you plan starting this diet, consult your doctor as it is pretty restrictive. During the diet, drink plenty of water, and after finishing it, eat cheese, oranges, eggs, and grapefruit until you gradually get back to your usual eating regimen.