At the point when hair wellbeing is considered, there is nothing very viable as applying castor oil. Brimming with vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and antagonistic to fungicidal properties, castor oil is going to fortify your hair and will bring back its old sparkle. Castor oil is made out of triglyceride of unsaturated fats (around 90%) made of ricin oleic acid.


What are the benefits?

The concentration of omega 9 fatty acids which are part of castor oil helps the hair to recover and stimulate its growth. They are powerful enough to make trough the root of the hair follicle. All of this can be achieved with only few drops.

This is a list of castor oil benefits:

Assists with every gastrointestinal issue

Mitigates the muscles and assuages menstrual issues.

Treats headaches, sunburn and athlete`s foot.

Helps with ringworm, skin issues, hair and dandruff, skin break out

Enhances the lymphatic blood stream

It has solid mitigating properties

Enhances the work of the intestinal framework, forestalling aggravation and bowel irritation

Forestalls diseases, microscopic organisms, infections and yeasts from creating

Supports the bowel movements and determines constipation

How to use castor oil:

Do not hesitate to use castor oil when treating certain diseases like: kidney stones, fibroids, ovarian blisters, swollen joints, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issue and menstrual spasms.

How to apply it:

Apply some drops of castor oil on cotton ball and place on the skin, on the head, on the hair.

You can also use castor oil in joints and muscles.