Night leg cramps, or nocturnal leg cramps are the pains that happen in your legs while you sleep. They usually wake you up and happen in the night time because of your inactivity during the day. The nighttime leg issues most regularly happen in the calf, yet they can likewise happen in the thighs and the feet. The torment in the muscles can last from a few seconds to around a few minutes. At the point when the torment is gone, the muscles can stay sore for whatever is left of the night, and some of the time even until the following day. Leg issues happen in both men and ladies, and generally in those beyond fifty years old.
Leg Cramps at Night, Different From Restless Leg Syndrome
The remaining features of the leg cramps and the restless leg syndrome are mainly different, and here are some of the differences:


The RLS is more of a feeling of soreness or crawling feeling in the legs
unlike the nocturnal leg cramps, the RSL does not induce pain or cramps
if you move your leg while you experience RLS, you will be relieved, and if you move your leg while you experience a leg cramp, you will not, and instead moving, you should stretch it
the RLS makes you want to move the legs, and the night leg cramps make you avoid movement
Causes And Risk Factors of Leg Cramps at Night
What exactly causes the nocturnal leg cramps is still a mystery, but there are potential causes and some risk factors that might trigger the leg cramps, such as:

over-exertion of the leg muscles
sitting for a long periods of time
sitting inadequately
standing for a long time or working on concrete floors
However, there are also some medical conditions that might be the cause of the leg cramps, including:

neuromuscular disorders
endocrine disorders (diabetes for example)
structural disorders (flat feet for example)
Parkinson’s disease
Statins, diuretics, beta agonists
Treatment And Prevention For Nocturnal Leg Cramps
place a heating pad on the area affected
use horse chestnut, because it has been proven to improve the blood flow in the body and in the legs
take a warm, relaxing bath before going to bed and release the tightness from the muscles
make sure you consume enough magnesium or potassium, because lack of these minerals can often cause leg cramps
you can also try acupuncture and loose the tightness from your leg muscles
make sure your shoes are comfortable and ergonomic, and avoid wearing high heals
stretch before going to sleep
participate in water exercises in order to build leg muscles
What to do When Cramps Occur

In the event that a night leg issue strikes you amidst the night, the odds that you feel practically incapacitated are incredible. That is the reason you ought to know how to handle them and how to discover the alleviation and lessen the soreness a short time later. You can make utilization of some of these tips:

take a tablespoon of yellow mustard, since it helps in assuaging the uneasiness

get up from the informal lodging strolling around for quite a while. You ought to likewise shake your legs so that the blood begins streaming better

sitting on the floor, broaden your legs before you, and flex your feet at the lower legs. At that point, indicate your toes your knees and force your feet so as to show signs of improvement stretch

rub the influenced territory tenderly, making roundabout movements

see whether the covers and the sheets are sufficiently free and they don’t make the leg muscles contract.