The best way to lose weight is by speeding up the metabolism. There are natural foods that can accelerate and only if the spices are changed in the diet.

Hunger is not the best choice when you want to lose weight. Kilograms are easy to melt when combined food and natural ingredients that stimulate metabolism are used.

Scientists at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran have formed two groups, each consisting of 44 women who have problems with excess weight.

3 months for women in both groups on healthy eating were advised and they consumed less than 500 calories per day.


The women from the first group have been consuming three grams of powdered cumin every day, combined with 140 grams of yogurt. The women from the second group have been consuming the same amount of yogurt, just without adding cumin into it.

Three months later, the first group of women who consumed yogurt with cumin lost nearly 14 pounds more than the women from the second group who consumed only yogurt.

The results of this study get even more impressive. Namely, the women from the first group lost 14.64 percent of their fat, while the women from the second group lost 4.91 percent of fat.

It is important to note that the participants in the study were losing their weight due to the consumption of cumin, whose main, active ingredient is filosterole, a chemical known to prevent retention of cholesterol in the body. According to scientists, this study proved that cumin accelerates the metabolism.

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