The researches found that hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that may trigger the development of abnormal cells. It is confirmed that conventional hair dyes contain more than 5000 chemicals which are carcinogenic and 87 of 100 women who regularly dyed their hair have suffered from some kind of cancer.

In this article we are going to give you a recipe for natural dyeing which will make your hair healthier and stronger.

We all know that coffee is very beneficial for our hair and it can stimulate our hair growth.


Use coffee to dye your hair

  1. Prepare a truly strong dose of organic coffee. Use espresso, because some of the non-organic varieties are treated with chemicals.
  2. Let it cool at room temperature.
  3. Add 2 teaspoons of organic coffee and 2 cups of all-natural conditioner to a cup of the coffee you already made.
  4. Apply the resulting mixture on your hair, and leave it on for an hour. This natural ‘dye’ will color your hair without affecting its quality. Enjoy your deep chocolate brown miracle.

Coffee rinse

  1. Use mild shampoo to wash your hair, and then rinse your hair with the coffee you have already made.
  2. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse well, and apple cider vinegar works great for that purpose, because it has the power to fix your hair color.
  4. Rinse your hair again with lukewarm water. If you are not happy with the way your hair looks, repeat the procedure a few more times, and you will sure get the desired results.