Smoking is one bad habit; it’s harmful for the health and mostly is the major cause of certain types of cancer. For the best is to get rid of cancer, but if you can’t than we will suggest you simple lung cleaning. There a many ways to clean your lungs and to reduce the risk of infection.

You can try it with simple ingredients like corn.

Corn is food consisted of beta-cryptoxanthin and many believes that can protect the lungs from cancer because is powerful antioxidant. The best way is if you consume fresh corn.


Another powerful ingredient are Brazilian nuts they ae the best source of selenium I the food.

Cereals are also rich with selenium.

Onion is another excellent lung cleaner.  The onion helps to prevent many diseases, including lungs infection. For people that already have cancer, it prevents the growth of new cells.

Ginger is considering also as natural remedy and food. Ginger is also powerful ingredient for cleaning the lungs of toxins. You can consume it like tea or eating piece of ginger for meal.

Orange contains cryptoxanthin which is prevention of lung cancer.

Nettle is a plant full of iron. It is also very useful as a disinfectant for the lungs.

It is already known that nettle is used for rinsing the mouth, but also is good for fighting against lung cancer.