Scientists have advised females to stop wearing bras.
Apparently, going without a bra promotes more tone and supporting breast tissue and wearing a bra from a young age does not help support the chest, lower pain in the back or prevent breast sagging.
Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sport science scientist and professor at the University of Franche-Comte in the eastern town of Besançon, performed a 15-year research study on the impact of bras on 330 ladies aged 18 to 35. His group of scientists discovered that the ladies who did not use bras have perkier busts.
” In the research, females that stopped wearing bras– through their ow choice, not as a requirement of the research study– had a 7-millimeter (0.3-inch) lift in their nipples when compared to routine bra users. Bras, they declare, might hinder flow and reduce bust tone gradually.” The group utilized a slide rule and a caliper to tape-record the changes to the women’s busts year in and year out.
Deborah Orr from the Guardian wrote:
Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor of sports science at Besançon university, has spent 15 years studying the anatomy of 330 women, and come to the conclusion that bras are a “false necessity”. So, clever him and stupid women. Except, wait. Rouillon isn’t any kind of expert at all, because he doesn’t have breasts. He reckons that “medically, physiologically, anatomically breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity”. But women don’t wear bras for medical, physiological or anatomical reasons. We wear them for psychological, aesthetic and practical reasons. Bras stop our breasts from wobbling about in a Don’t Forget for a Second You’ve Got Breasts manner, allowing us to forget them. Otherwise we’d be cupping them in our hands every time we broke into a trot to catch a lift. Rouillon says that his research shows the nipples of women aged 18-35 rose by an average of 7mm when they went braless. He fails to understand that one of the many comforting things about bras is that you rarely have to think about where your nipples might be. Women are encouraged to fret about their breasts enough. The last thing we need is some fool telling us that we need to think about them, and their welfare, a great deal more.
This project actually needs to do a lot about objectification. They think that if everybody sees nipples regularly, it will change the victim blaming culture we seem to be stuck in. Right now, nipples are being concealed and breastfeeding in public is being shamed, but hot advertisements are great. This is a problem.
Have a look at the video of somebody who made the shift to no bra!

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