This natural remedy has properties to calm and relieve the pain connected with the osteoporosis. After the usage of this medicine you won’t feel pain for several years.

The remedy is simple massage mixture which can be prepared with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (sea salt is the best). For the mixture you will need 10 tablespoons of salt and 20 tablespoons of oil. The amount will be enough for the entire duration of the treatment.


The steps of preparation:

Take a glass bottle and pour the olive oil and put the salt.

Few days after you will obtain a light mixture


Every morning you should rub it with a energetic massage, on the cervical vertebrae in places where you feel pain. Initially massage 2-3 minutes, every day adding another 2-3 minutes, in the event to have 20 minutes for the whole massaging time. After the end of the massage, wipe the neck with a wet and warm towel.

  • * It might cause minor skin irritation. You should know that after every massage need to wipe the skin with dry cloth and sprinkle a little bit of baby powder.

This treatment of 10 days will provide you blood stimulation and will improve the muscle regeneration of the cartilage and bone tissue.

The big changes can be notice after 8th treatment.