We really don’t have to explain what processed and unhealthy food can do to our body. How much damage can cause to the organism. But somehow seems to be very hard to resist these foods.

Based on these problems someone try to invent a 3-day cleansing treatment which will help you to change the diet, reduce the desire for processed foods and detoxify your body.


Two days before you start with the treatment, you ought to stop consuming dairy products, as they are slowly digested and can prevent the cleansing treatment. Before you start cleansing your lungs, your body must be clean from toxins found in dairy products.

Drink one cup of herbal laxative tea the night before the cleansing method. This tea may be Black forest for example and it will help you in cleaning the intestines from toxins that can cause constipation.

The next morning, prepare a drink with lemon juice from 2 whole lemons and a 1/2 cup of water and drink it before breakfast. This will help in digestion of powerful alkaline foods which, on the other hand, will help your lungs to regenerate.

After your breakfast you should consume 1,5 cup of grapefruit juice. Replace it with pineapple juice or diluted in water if you don’t like the taste of the grapefruit juice.

Both these juices, grapefruit and pineapple juice, are rich in antioxidants that keep the health of your respiratory system.

Meanwhile in the period between your breakfast and lunch drink 1 to 1,5 pure carrot juice. This juice will help in the alkalization of your blood in the period of detoxification time.

Carrots have lots of beta-carotene in its content; they are good for the respiratory tract since the body turns them into vitamin A.

In the evening drink 1 cup of so called mucus-cleansing tea. Keep in mind to drink the tea one hour before dinner. This tea is rich in ginger, rose hips and peppermint, which are amazing against mucus build up, stuffy nose and congestion. You can also find this tea in supermarkets and healthy food stores.

Right before you are up for bed you have to drink 340ml of pure cranberry juice.

This juice is helps in against bacteria in the lungs, preventing from infections. As powerful antioxidants these fruits are extremely beneficial for the blood and urine.

Repeat the procedure for duration of 3 days. You will succeed to eliminate toxins, fat and water. The lungs would be cleaned and the body would be detoxified.