This amazing drink will purify your body and will help you to get rid of all the fat. Moreover, it is recommended to consume this mixture after a heavy meal or during a diet.

It takes you only 2 ingredients that you probably have in your fridge.



  • 400 grams of celery
  • 1 kg of lemon


First of all, grate 400 g of celery root and add it in 2L of water. After that, add a little bit of lemon peel. Cook this mixture about 20 minutes. Next step is to leave this mixture until it cools (5 – 6 hours). After that you will need to squeeze the lemons and add the juice into the mixture. Finally, strain the mixture and pour it in a glass bottle.


Consume this drink three times a day before meals. Your dosage should be 1dl. You can dilute this mixture with water. Keep this beverage in the refrigerator.

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