Most of the time, we tend to reach for over the counter medications or consulting our physicans when we feel pain or unwell. However, after you read this article, you will realize how bad it is to poison your body with chemicals or wait in the crowded waiting rooms at the doctor.


According to reflexology, every dot on our bodies is connected with our hands in some way. Take a look:

The thumb is related to the heart and lungs. When you have an accelerated heart rhythm, rub your thumb then pull it. This will slow down your heart beat.

The forefinger is connected to the colon and the stomach. Do you suffer from constipation or abdominal pains? Press the forefinger, rub it for 60 seconds, and then pull it. You will feel improvements in a short period.

The middle finger

The middle finger significantly influences your mood, so if you feel slightly depressed, massage your middle finger and you will soon feel relaxed and peaceful.

The ring finger is related to your mood, so whenever you feel depressed, massage this finger and you will instantly feel better.

The small finger (Pinkie) is connected to the kidneys, and even with the headache and with the neck pain. Massage the small finger and you will feel a big relief!

The palms

They are connected to the nervous system, so if you want to protect your psychological condition, clap your hands! In this way you will stimulate your circulation and encourage relief.

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