It is imperative that you have one or more of these plants in your home. This is for the reason that the plants have the ability to absorb all the dangerous radiation that televisions emit. Likewise, they eliminate all the toxic odors emitted by cleanings agents, paints, and solvents. Highlighted below, are the best plants for which you should have at least one in your living space.

Quite a magnificent ornamental plant, dragon tree is very easy to grow and maintain. It is also quite resistant to sharp temperature variations. While the dragon tree plant thrives well in light, you should not expose it to direct sunlight.

Make sure you spray the plant with water on a daily basis. Considered one of the most effective home air-purifiers, dragon plant  will minimize the concentration of  formaldehyde, which are evaporating elements from solvents, paints, deodorants, sprays, and cleaning products.


Being very effective against cigarette smoke, fig is the ideal solution for everyone who smokes in the house. The plant also has the ability to reduce the concentration of  carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, among other toxic chemicals found in varnishes and paints. However, you should not expose fig tree to direct sunlight.


This plant is effective in minimizing formaldehyde concentration. Formaldehyde normally evaporates from paint, glue, detergents, fabric, as well as curtains. Ferns requires plenty of moisture, and hence you should not expose it to direct sunlight.

It is now evident that these plants play an integral role in eliminating toxic chemicals and particles from your living environment. Thus, you should really consider getting one of them.