Growing ginger is no different than growing another herb. You need to buy the best root possible, a plump, smooth skinned ginger root is best.

Ginger is a tropical plant which you can easily grow yourself and which does not require much expert knowledge, it does not require a large amount of sunlight, and it allows some parts to be left growing while others are used. Ginger is extremely healthy and healing plant. This spice is also known for its characteristic taste. It is used in herbal cocktails, culinary, teas and more.

Learn How To Grow Ginger In Your Garden – Is Much Better From Buying It

It is important to know that this plant vegetation period lasts for 8-10 months. Ginger root is planted in February-March.Ginger is cultivated in the late spring and so before growth starts to pull tubers and break them into pieces about 5 cm in diameter-a. On each should be a bud, which will be planted in the ground so they will be facing upwards. Plant them in the space between rows and 15 cm, and a depth of 5-10 cm. As for the future of farming in the garden, ginger will take a lot of rain and high air temperatures, so keep this in mind. The soil should be moist, but good drainage. Ginger drought bothered him then, sure enough water. In the humid tropics can be planted at any time of year.


In the spring the tubers are planted, and in the summer is fed ginger and weeding. The temperature should be as high as the humidity. In the autumn the tubers removed from the soil.

Protection from disease

It can occur rot so avoid over-soak the soil. Although Ginger likes moist soil must not be too saturate with water.It is important to ensure proper drainage.

Vintage ginger Ginger is harvested and can be used immediately or can be stored for later use. Standing tubers become more piquant. The harvest takes place 7 months after the first flowering. If you are going to dry tuber, the best would have been out of the country 10 months after it is planted.Store them in the refrigerator for up to one month and so that they wrap foil. They can be frozen. You can harvest first fruits of ginger within 3 to 4 months. Since rhizomes will be mature, you can remove and plant the sprouts on the edge of the pot in order to have more fruit. If taking good care of the plant it will consistently give you roots that you can pick and consume and re-grow as described above.