This can be very important for you and is located on the webbing between the big and the second toe. What you need to do now is keep pressing this point for about 2 minutes a day. by pressing this point on both of your feet, you are helping in regulation and refreshment of the liver. Stimulating thin point can also help you in treating vision problems, menstrual cramps, headaches, lower back pain, sleeping disorders and insomnia.

Three Yin Crossing:


This point is located three finger-widths above the inner ankle bone along the back of the tibia. Applying pressure on this point on both of your feet will lead to a proper energy and blood flow throughout your whole body. By stimulating this point you will be able to reduce your knee pain and your lower back pain. Also this point will help you in the treatment of many gynecological problems like PMS, painful or irregular menstruation, insomnia, dizziness and it will also reduce the stress levels.

Very Important Note– This point should not be stimulated during pregnancy.