According to numerous experts, your pose during sleep can have an enormous influence on your overall health. In most of the cases, they advise sleeping on the back, while excluding sleeping on the right side. If you have been sleeping on the right side until now, it may be time to change the posture because of its health-associated risks.

Why Sleeping on Your Right Side Could be Killing You

  • Expecting mothers

Although sometimes we cannot control the position we sleep in, doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid sleeping on the right side out of several reasons, for example, reduced blood circulation of the baby, detrimental for the placenta, and restricted flow of nutrients that the baby receives from your nutrition. Moreover, since pregnant women weigh more than usually, sleeping on the right side for a longer period of time can cause liver pressure. And what’s more, it increases the risk of stillbirth. The risk is doubled in the final semester.

  • Overall health

Not only pregnant women, but everyone else should avoid this sleeping posture since there is increased risk for heartburn, squeezed arm numbness in the morning, and since the gastroesophageal reflux is not good for the esophagus, some types of cancer could develop.

Therefore, avoid this sleeping posture, and sleep on your back instead!