When the summer comes, all the insects come with it. Some can scare the hell out of us. The potential of the commercial spider and bug repellents is limited, but they are full with dangerous chemicals. Instead of poisoning yourself with them, why don’t you try natural ways to get rid of the nasty spiders?



You will do the job with these ingredients:

  • Citrus – spiders hate lemons and other citrus fruits, thus rub the areas with some lemon or orange peels, or use an essential oil to prevent them from coming. Apply it on the areas where they usually appear, like baseboards.
  • Cedar – apply it on your cupboards, closets, and in your garden, or get cedar hangers to prevent the spiders and moths appear around your clothes.
  • Peppermint essential oil – take a little liquid dish soap and add 8 drops of peppermint oil, mix it well, and then add the solution in the water in your spray bottle. In case you want strong smell, add 8 more drops of the oil. Shake the bottle well before spraying the repellent. You can also mix peppermint oil and vinegar.
  • Chestnuts (and other tree nuts) – walnut, horse chestnuts, chestnuts, and other nuts can help you keep spiders away as they cannot stand the nut’s scent. Put a few of them on the windowsills.
  • Keep it clean – if you want to prevent those unwanted visitors coming to your house you should keep it clean, thus make sure your floors are well swept and vacuumed. You may also make a seasonal declutter. Moreover, clean your garden and lawn, remove all the leaves, sticks, and clippings, and check your doors and window sills to see if there are some gaps. People who live in an apartment need to clean the windows and balcony regularly.

Source:    www.healthytipsworld.ne