You may be surprised to learn that good posture means good health. Good posture is just as important as eating a balanced diet, getting exercise and enough sleep! The effects of having good posture are immeasureable. You’ll have more energy, less fatigue, less stress and your overall fitness level will be better!

The results of bad posture are significant and experts say you should strive on a daily basis to make the little adjustments needed for a better posture, whether standing or sitting. Negative effects of posture may include more depression and stress, digestive issues, poor breathing, pain in your shoulders, neck and back, and tension headaches. Since many workers find themselves sitting in front of a computer during most of the day, it’s really important to understand how to sit properly. #1. First of all, don’t slouch over like this guy no matter how absorbing the material on your computer screen….

Although you may be tempted to lean back and take a break from work in this manner, and though it may appear relaxing, it’s actually very damaging to the back.

When you lean back like this you put way too much pressure on your lower back and your upper back stays in an unnaturally curved position.

The damage you do to your back all day at work won’t magically reverse itself as soon as it’s time to go home. You’ll find yourself getting back pain as you sit up or get out of bed.

 These are the surprising ways that you should NOT sit. Slouching is bad for you, hunching is bad for you, and even sitting up at a 90 degree angle is bad for you! So how should you sit?

The proper way to sit is relaxed at about 100-135 degrees!

Even though this sitting posture is considered healthy, don’t forget to get up, walk around and stretch frequently!

Take care of your posture for optimal health.