How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality (And Your Health Risks)

Did you know you can analyze yourself just by the shapes of your fingers? It’s not something to joke about as this is very true.

What kind of person are you based on your finger shape?



If you have type A finger:

  • A type of person that tends to be pretty emotional. You are nice to any person you meet no matter what.
  • You are a fair person, you hate lying, hypocrisy and deception.
  • You hind your emotions behind a strong and cool person but inside you are something completely different
  • You are unconventional and slightly strange views, behavior or arrogant.
  • You are very helpful with others and have a big heart. You will finish any task that someone gives to you, even if you hate it.
  • You are full of laughter and at times laugh at something that’s not even funny. Anyone can see what you’re thinking through your facial expressions
  • You are cold towards other people that you are not close with, but the people you love you are too emotional

If you have type B finger:



  • You don’t tend to take initiative to talk to someone first
  • You are loyal to your loved ones and once your completely in love you will give that person your full attention
  • You are a very sensitive person but don’t look like it because most of the time you want to protect some ones feelings so you act like it doesn’t affect you.
  • Once you decided on something nothing can get in your way until it happens
  • You aren’t afraid of being hurt by others but you pretend you don’t mind being alone but you actually dislike it
  • You seem completely calm but inside you’re losing it.

If you have type C finger:

  • You are touched easily
  • You don’t let things make you angry but when they do you get over it quickly
  • You hate challenges and it’s hard for you to accustom to new places or things
  • You are overbearing at times and your ego is really high when arguing with someone, but you are the first person.
  • You keep your emotions and problems to yourself
  • You hate when people pretend and know what you want and don’t want
  • You love it when people trust and depend on you
  • You have a soft heart, and can easily be hurt, so whenever someone apologize to you, you will always forgive them because you can’t stand being in fight with somebody for too long.