Many deaths in America happen due to heart attacks, and this is going on for years. The only way to prevent heart attack besides eating healthy is to learn how to recognize the symptoms. Sometimes the people ae not even aware of the stress they are putting on their body.

A buildup of plaque in your arteries causes heart attack. The heart cannot get enough blood and that leads to heat failure.

How To Recognize You Are Getting Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

This is a list of most common symptoms you should look out for:

  1. Cold sweats and dizziness

Poor circulation in the brain and the improper blood flow can cause cold sweats and dizziness. This sign shows that you are in danger and you need to visit medical institution.

  1. Chest pressure

This is the most recognizable signs of all. This pressure sign is saying that the heart attack is very close. This sign also needs to be checked out immediately, because most of the people ignore it.

  1. Weakness

Another sign due to the improper blood flow throughout the body. The arteries become narrow and you feel increased weakness. This sign requires medical attention.

  1. Cold and flu symptoms

According to some patients many people have recorded developing cold just before a heart attack.

  1. Fatigue

Because the arteries are clogged with plaque the blood flow is reduce to to the heart and this leads to feeling tired or drowsy.

  1. Shortness of breath

When you have loss of blood flow the lungs suffer as well. If you have trouble breathing you should contact your doctor immediately. This is one of the bad signs.