Ingrown toenails are a common condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into the soft flesh. This experience can be very painful, the result of this occurrence can bring redness, swelling and, sometimes, an infection.

You can always choose to skip the expensive and uncomfortable treatments in the clinics by resolving this issue home. This method is used for the early phase when there are yet no signs of any complication.


Removing an ingrown toenail without any surgery

First soak your feet in a hot water so the skin and the nails will become softener. You need to pour 3 tbs of baking soda in around 5 l, alternatively you can put some salt. The water is not suppose to be warmer than 37 C When the feet are completely soaked, you can pull out the nail that has ingrown in your skin.

You can also use a sticking plaster to apply it on the noticed ingrown toenail area and this action is going to ease the process as the toenail will become more accessible.

First apply some antibacterial cream like iodine on the affected area. Next to raise the end of the nail, use a cotton in a very small amount so you can place it between the skin and the nail with tweezers. The time before you change the cotton and the wrapper is 24 hours. This technique needs to be done for 15 day and the nail will return in the proper condition.

For easily to put the cotton between the nail and the skin, use the next method.

Take 1 tbs of raw honey and 1 garlic clove(ground) or Aloe Vera, mix these ingredients, so you get creamy shape of the mixture. Finally apply it on the effected area. The reason for this procedure is because this mix contain powerful antiseptic properties.

It is important to know that the most important part of this whole procedure is the skin softening and to change the cotton that is used during the procedure, everyday. When this process finishes scrape the nail’s outer part.
If you detect an infection on the nail and pus, consult your doctor as soon as possible.