Who doesn’t like the fresh and calming scent when entering a home or an office. What is most used these days are the air fresheners that we buy from the markets, something we are not aware of these kind of products is that are not much health-friendly.

What we have for you in today’s article is, how to make your own natural air freshener. You will be amazed how does it make your home a better place to live in!

As we mention earlier unlike the market product this air freshener does not include any fabric softeners, on the other hand it has much greater effect.

Namely, it’s secret ingredients are beads for washing machine, which come in various fragrances, and are quite affordable. Thus, you will make a natural air freshener, and you will save money at the same time!


You only need:

– Beads for washing machine
– Bicarbonate of soda
– Boiling Water

The process of preparation is very simple. Just mix all the ingredients in a sprayer and shake it. Simple as that, you will never buy air freshener from the stores.

Spray it all over the house, you can also use it on furniture or even clothes, you will be amazed how it works.