Nail fungus is not good for looking and is not for the health. Nail fungus can lead to more serious infections. The medicines which are prescribed for this condition not destroy it completely.

We have natural solution for this problem. The recipe is consisted of ingredients which are easily to be found in every household.

Needed ingredients:

  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar

The low level of pH in the body permits microscopic organisms like fungi to live there, and the properties of baking soda and the acid from the apple cider vinegar mixed together do not let those fungi to live long.

Needed ingredients for this remedy:


A bowl


Baking soda


Apple cider vinegar


Warm water




Empty the bottle of apple cider vinegar in the bowl. This amount would be enough to soak the feet in for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, dry your feet and pour warm water into the bowl and again hold the feet in the bowl and again hold it for 20 minutes. At the end add the baking soda and hold it for additional 20 minutes.

You can repeat the procedure as much as you want.

It is important to dry the feet before holding down in the bowls.

Also you must wear shoes that are open in the area near the toes. This is because fungi prefer dark and wet environment.  Constant care of the nails is also essential, nail trimming helps as well.

Clean your nail tips with a brush and spread tea tree oil once a day.

Repeat the whole procedure on daily basis and you will get rid of fungi in a few weeks.