Face-Self Massage That Will Make You Look At Least 10 Years Younger, And It Doesn’t Cost A Penny (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard about Tanaka Japanese massage techniques and the benefits form it?

This massage treatment should be done daily if you want successful results, and no taking breaks at all.

This method serves to remove wrinkles, skin tightening and formation of correct facial lines.  Those who have tried claim that the results are visible after 2 weeks.

With the help of this massage we stimulate the lymph glands. From the other side that provides quick excretion of toxins and excess fluids from your face.

By using oil or cream you can massage the face. The best for this technique would be the cottonseed oil full of vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids.

Good substitute also have the almond and olive oil.

Watch the video and learn how to apply the tutorial.