Drinking water immediately after waking up is very popular in Japan. It is believed that consuming more water is crucial and beneficial for healing and also preventive in so many diseases. Scientists agree that is very beneficial to our health.

As we mentioned that drinking water is beneficial and healing for so many disease here is list: bronchitis, asthma, epilepsy, kidney and urine diseases, diarrhea, diabetes, vomiting, headache, all eye diseases, arthritis, meningitis, menstrual disorders, fatness, heart beating fast etc.



1. Consume 4 x 160 ml water immediately after waking up (even before brushing the teeth).
2. Then, you may brush the teeth, but do not consume anything else for another 40-45 minutes.
3. After that, eat normally.
4. Also, after every daily meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) don’t eat anything for the next 2 hours.
5. Try to increase the consummation of water, you can start with drinking 4 glasses of water per day and to add 1 glass of water plus each day.
6. People with this routine will treat above mentioned illnesses and enjoy the benefits of living healthy life.
Here is a list of how long period is necessary to threat some illness with this method of healing

Gastric: 10 days
Constipation: 10 days
Diabetes: 30 days
High blood pressure: 30 days
TB: 90 days

Arthritis patients should practice this method just 3 days in the first week and than to continue daily from the next week.
Besides urinating more than usual this method does not have any side effects.
The water is good on so many levels like for good look of the skin, or energizing the muscles or losing weight that’s why is good this method to became routine in your life.

Source: Healthadvisorgroup.com