Skin tags, moles, warts, age spots and blackheads are only a part of more than 3000 skin problems that occur to people on a daily basis.

Infection, allergic reactions and inflammation can appear on any place of the body when there is a change of the texture or the color of the skin. But do not be devastated many of the skin conditions are treatable and you can find solution very easy, all you have to do is to know the healing properties of these common ingredients. Find your perfect recipe and cure your warts.

Natural cures for warts

As a result of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) on the skin can appear warts. There is somewhere over 100 types which affect people in different ways, but most often it depends on the immunity. The strains that cause this condition are divided on not so harmful and types where strains can be much more serious. Since they are caused by a virus, they have the tendency to disperse to other body parts and to other people. If a certain medical treatments which contained chemicals did not help you, feel free to try these natural, home cures.

First let me tell you that these cures are effective but never going to help you over night. However, they are far more helpful in the curing than to leave a wart to disappear on its own, which usually can last up to several months or even years, if it actually disappears in the first place.

Approximately, it is estimated that to disappear wart on they own it will take 6 months, but a remaining third is still present around two years after they had first appeared. Moreover, children are most affected by this problem, since their immunity is still weak.

List of natural ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the most effective way to treating warts. It has anti inflammatory properties which help you to get rid of the viruses and bacteria which are the main reason for warts. First wash the area before applying apple cider vinegar; you can use a cotton ball to spread gently over the problematic area. Then, cover it with a bandage or duct tape and leave like that for one day. For example you can do this before going to bed and remove the bandage in the following morning. With this treatment, you will get rid of warts in several weeks.


Garlic is another plant that has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a great solution for warts removal. Mash some garlic and apply on the wart, cover the area with a bandage. Repeat this process twice per day, until the warts are gone.


There was a separate article over the internet for the benefits of the banana peel. The method with applying the inside of the banana peel for successful removal of warts. A lot of people rubbed the inner surface of the banana peel over the warts, several times per day and got rid of warts.

What’s more, if you press the inside of the peel over the wart and tape it before going to bed, you can put an end to the warts. Remove the bandage in the morning and wash off the area. This procedure should be repeated until the wart starts to soften, about a week or so, and for few weeks or one month the warts will completely disappear.

Duct tape

This is a scientifically proven method of warts removal.  According to one study, 61 patients with warts received either duct tape treatment or cryotherapy. After two months, 85 percent of those people treated with duct tape had no warts at all, whereas only 60 percent of those with cryotherapy.

You can apply a small piece of duct tape over the entire wart for 6 days, by replacing the tape as needed. After 6 days, the wart should be washed with water and then rubbed off with a pumice stone or an emery board. In the morning, apply a new duct tape for another 6 days, and continue to do so for two months, or as long as the wart does not disappear.

Pure Raw Honey

Organic Manuka honey, from New Zealand, is the best honey to use for warts removal, but if you have another homemade raw honey it would be helpful as well. Manuka Honey is one of the powerful types of honey when it comes to the concentration of its antibacterial properties. This is a very stable honey, unlike other types and it will not lose its benefits due to temperature changes. What’s more it is a kind of “occlusion therapy” which depraves the wart of oxygen and kills it.

Ingredients: A teaspoon of raw honey


Cover the wart with a thick layer of honey and wrap it with a cloth and leave it for 24 hours by changing the bandage and reapplying honey, daily.