Remove brown spots from skin, heal injured wrist, reduce back pain and all that with a help of castor oil.

This natural remedy has many positive effects on the health, an its applications are without limit.

Successfully treats all kinds of aliments:

Castor Oil Natural Remedy For 25 Diseases

  1. Eat five drops every morning and allergies will disappear.
  2. Wounds, cuts and bruises heal fast when you smear a castor oil.
  3. Massaging the belly with castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy prevents from occurring stretch marks.
  4. The injured wrist will heal rapidly if you wrap and leave to stay over the night.
  5. Significant reduction in hearing loss just by dropping few drops of castor oil in ear
  6. A cataract can be cured with one drop of oil every night before bedtime.
  7. Get rid of pilonidal cysts using castor oil coverings.
  8. Remove brown spots with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda
  9. Relieving of severe ocular allergies just by rubbing castor oil in the eyelids before bedtime.
  10. Reduce the pain in the lower back using a castor oil once a week.
  11. Relieves chronic diarrhea with castor oil coverings place don the stomach
  12. With a daily application of coverings in duration of three months you can remove nodules on vocal cords and chronic hoarseness.
  13. Complete disappearance of tinnitus with oral consumption of 6-8 drops for 4 weeks.
  14. Hyperactivity can be treated with castor oil coverings applied on the stomach.
  15. Disappearance of warts with 4 weeks using of castor oil
  16. Calcium deposits on the foot sole will completely disappear with everyday massage.
  17. Castor oil and baking soda for removing skin cancer
  18. Snoring stop after a 2 weeks of application of castor oil on the abdomen
  19. Fast healing of bee stings after applying castor oil.
  20. Boos hair growth with daily massage with castor oil 20 minutes before shampooing.
  21. Fast healing from hepatitis
  22. Elimination of nail fungus
  23. Treat alcoholism with simple castor oil coverings
  24. With regular application castor oil could eliminate birthmarks
  25. Improvement in health in the terminal phase of cancer just by using castor oil coverings.