The most frequent food poisoning during summertime period comes from the meat, but not only in summer you should know how to protect yourself and avoid meat poisoning anytime.

Avoid Meat Poisoning… How To Recognize Spoiled Meat

The first and most important is to check the duration date, than you should check for these signs:

  1. The meat can be still spoiled although the duration date is still valid, so be careful and check the meat color. The right color for poultry should be blue-white to yellow. The right color for pork is gay-pink. Minced meat can easily fool you, so stop consuming it. The color of beef id a real trap, because it is associated with red. But reddish is not natural, and the meat gets the red color because of long period exposed on air, with means or the meat is not vacuum-packed properly or kept in suspicious conditions and it’s risky for consumption.
  2. The best way to determinate if the meat is safe to eat is to check the smell of it. If it smells unpleasant, leave it. The chicken has easily recognizable smell when starts to spoils. Some markets use chemical additives for the meat to look fresh even if it is nearing expiration date, so always the smart choice would be to smell the meat before you buy it.
  3. The spoiled meat often gets slimy texture due to the multiplication of bacteria, so this would be the third character to help you recognize spoiled meat.

Important: Not enough boiled or roast meat could be equally bad, even when it has not bacteria in it.