Most of us washes the chicken before cooking thinking that this is a good practice that will prevent contamination by the food. Professor Jenifer Kwinlan from the Drexel University says: “You should know that if you bought a frozen chicken, it already has salmonella or Campylobacter or even both.”

Salmonella and Campylobacter are bacteria that are the main reasons for food contamination. When you wash the chicken in the kitchen sink, you are splashing the bacteria everywhere, even on you! The hot water alone cannot kill the bacteria. People usually wash the chicken to clean some dirt on it, clean if from germs or simply because it looks dirty to them. But, this is a wrong practice that only spreads the bacteria around you, and there’s no need to expose yourself to this risk, as cooking the chicken will effectively kill off all bacteria inside.


There is a safe way to clean the dirt – use a paper towel. Yes, you can use the paper towels from your kitchen to wipe the chicken and clean some of the bacteria on its surface.

Statistics show that 280000 people in the UK are diagnosed with food contamination yearly, caused by washing the chicken and splashing around the aforementioned bacteria. The chicken farmers will be pain incentives if they manage to keep their chicken bacteria-free.