After This You Will Think Twice Are You Going To Use Wet Wipes

Undoubtedly wet wipes are very practical, but their excessive over use can cause problems and will make you to think twice before you use them again.

Wet wipes are created in the fifties to help in emergency situations like you have to change baby’s diaper. In the nineties began its mass production, and except for wiping baby’s but, today you can find it in very different forms, with added detergents and antibacterial agents used to wipe floors, hands, restrooms and work surfaces.

The believing in the power of antibacterial wipes is the major problem now. Their power to kill bacteria, according to recent researches is questionable, and they are used for cleaning different surfaces. So, with this type of cleaning, we are not removing the bacteria, but spread them, for example from the work table to the kitchen table. In fact it is the same in the hospitals and how bacteria can be spread.

After This You Will Think Twice Are You Going To Use Wet Wipes .

Another danger which lies in something similar to wet wipes is toilet paper or towel paper, and despite the descriptions on the labels not to throw in the toilet shell, very often they end up there. By flashing water, your concern ends, but then starts the nightmare for the services for sewer maintenance. Unlike paper, which is made from cellulose fibers and it decompose in water, plastic fibers in wipes are heavily degradable, so they accumulate in the sewer pipes reducing the bandwidth or even get stacked in the pipes.

Similar problem with the wet wipes is happening on the beaches, where thrown wet wipe easily end up in the sea, and because of the similarity with jellyfish becomes deadly and delicious bite to the sea turtles.

So it is for the best to have some wet wipes with you in cases where there is no soap. Before wiping your baby remember that you have water in your house. But if sometimes wet wipe is your only solution than be careful where you will throw away.