The eggs are very frequent ingredient in all kind of dishes. The egg has many useful uses for which we are not fully aware.

For example, the shells you throw you can use at least on five different ways.

After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away Eggshells

  1. Natural pesticide

Crush the eggs shells and place it in the form of circle around the flower which is persistently attacked by small insects. The smell of the egg will expel any unwanted guests from the garden.

  1. Desalination cleaner

Crash the egg shells in finely powder (useful tip: put he shells in kitchen towel and hit with meat hummer in order to crash them) and mix it with apple cider vinegar. You can use this mixture to clean kitchen dishes and sinks.

  1. Cookware

When you don’t have baking mold and you want to make interesting cookies, use an egg shell. Make a small hole in the shell of the egg, and drain the inside without smashing the shell. Wash the shells with warm water and than use them as baking molds.

  1. The cheapest plumber

Drop few crushed shells in the sinks, than run the tap water as strong is possible. Under the running water the shells will pass trough the pipes and in their way will gather all the dirt and grease.

  1. Anti-itching remedy

Put some egg shells in a glass jar with apple cider vinegar for two days. During that time, the shell will soften and turn into homogenous mixture. That mixture you can use as coating or irritated skin, or insect bites.