Let’s focus much more on long-term fat loss. There are good challenges and methods. Losing weight very fast and unhealthy leads the body  to big problems. But being eager to find something that proves me wrong, I came to this.
Reduce Your Waist Immediately


The whole word is about ginger compress that gives immediate results.

Ginger Compress:

As known, ginger one of the best foods we can find today. It’s has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which help body flush itself from the toxins. This recipe requires fresh ginger, but if not available, use powdered or dried ginger.

The heat activity of the ginger will stimulate the circulation and dissolve the fat.

  • large pot of water to boil and grate 1/2 cup of fresh ginger. When  water starts boiling, reduce the heat , place the ginger on  of cotton cloth, and then Tie  ginger with a string forming  tea bag and sink the ginger bag in hot water up to 5 minutes

Applying:  Put washcloth in the ginger water, apply it to the body, by letting it cool a little before applying to  skin. Then place another towel over compressed one in order to help hold the heat in. Change the cloth at 5 minutes as soon as it cools off.Pay attention to use at least 2 towels also have alternate soaking cloth. Repeat the process several times.

Make sure that ginger water is used within 2 or 3 hours of preparation, to achieve maximum effectiveness. Also prepare ginger water fresh for every treatment. Do this method 2 or 3 times a week until desired level of fat burning.

But, note: stop using this if there are some side effects.

Talking about the side effects, must be  known that this method shouldn’t be applied on:

Babies  or very elderly person, when  person has high fever and  lower abdominal area of a pregnant

Ginger as proven natural healer effectively gest rid of unwanted fat cells.

source:     www.superhealthy365.com