Menstruation cycle is a period that every woman has to go with every month. In this period a woman bleeds from the vagina.  Girls have their first period in the age between 12-15 years.



The first period is known by the name menarche.

This is still a taboo subject.

Many girls are not aware what is right and what is wrong during their period.

Here are 8 worst Deadly mistakes Girls make during period.

Avoid food


We know that you are feeling bloated in this period but it is completely wrong to avoid food. You already feel weakness but is still good to eat healthy food..

Take Fast Food


This is the most common mistake that girls made. Eating fast food snacks like sweet, crisps, sandwiches, burgers and fries. You feel more bloated and uncomfortable than you are already.

Having sex without protection


In this period the vagina is more open, vulnerable and prone to bacteria. You must protect yourself and if you have intercourse use protection. This is the deadliest mistake.

Complete Exertion


It is good to take break from working during those days. You must take rest during period because your body is already more week than normal days. So it is one of the worst deadly mistakes Girls make during period.

Stop sleeping all night


Do not avoid sleeping at night, many girls avoid sleeping due to the pain and uncomforting. Take proper sleep and rest and try to stay relax during this time.



Painful and tired can be the period when you have menstruation, it is better to take one day of work instead of doing work due weakness.

Heavy Yoga and Exercise


It is good to be active, but in this period try to avoid as much as you can heave exercises and yoga.

Use cloth instead sanitary pad


You have to hygienic pads, and not cloths. In this way you will avoid infection and bad odor.