One of the most common cancer that occurs in women is the breast cancer. It’s believed that around 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed by the end of this year in America only, and over 40,450 women will die from it.

Statistics show that in every 8 women at least one will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.
These numbers should stress the situation that women should be careful and prevent it in a first place, treat it one time and recognize early signs of these type of cancer.

5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore!

Recognizing the following symptoms is of high importance, as you may be able to save your life:

1.Unexplained pain in the back

8 out of 10 people can have back pain. Also, it has been discovered that breast cancer can be responsible for the irritating pain in the back.

The breast cancer patient feels pressure on the spine and ribs, including pain in the upper back. It may appear as if the pain is from the bones, which may also mean the breast cancer may have spread to the person’s bones.

2.A Prolonged Cough or Hoarseness

The primary cancer is the one that starts in one area. In the case, some cancer cells break away from it and move on to another body part and there create another cancer, known as secondary cancer.

Hoarseness and prolonged cough also may indicate cancer has spread to the lungs. This happens in 60-70% of women who become terminally ill from this type of cancer. In many cases this situation may lead to shortness of breath and dry cough.

3.New moles or change in an existing mole

Moles can be seen as an early indicator of breast cancer. Women with moles had a 13% risk of developing breast cancer than the women with no moles on them.


Most cancers include tiredness and fatigue. Cancer patients may feel tired even after a good night’s sleep. Also, they may experience depression and pain too.

The fatigue is not triggered by physical exhaustion but by a chemical imbalance in the body which is caused by the cancer.

5.Changes in the Bladder or Bowels

When experience of incontinence the symptoms are urgent and sudden to urinate, longer urination than usually, leaking urine while laughing, sneezing, exercising, or coughing, sudden and urgent needs to urinate, and urination that takes longer than usual.

In case you experience any of these sign, consult your doctor.

Watch the following video and you will find out very useful information on how to lower the breast cancer risk: